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Children love getting their haircut here!Kristty is Great With Kids!

With Kristty’s charismatic and friendly personality, she make all the kids who come through to get their hair cut completely comfortable! If you’re looking for a Clayton kids hair stylist who can make your child happy and comfortable while getting their hair cut, Clayton Hair Salon is the place to visit! Avoid all the hassle of a traumatic hair-cutting experience for your children, and bring them to Kristty! You’ll walk out with a happy child with a haircut that will make you both happy!

Children’s Hair Services

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♢ Boy’s haircuts ( 12 and under 10.00 )
♢ Girl’s haircuts ( 12 and under 10.00 ).

Kids Hair Cut Tricks

To calm a fidgety or unhappy child through his first (or even hundredth) haircut, here are some things to try.

Get him ready. Try to bring your child to your next haircut so he/she sees it’s not really scary. For your kid’s appointment, ask for a stylist who’s very comfortable with kids. You may also want to have it scheduled after naptime or when he’s awake and happy.

Bring along his/her favorite toy or book. You want to associate the haircut session to something happy and positive.

When it comes to children’s haircuts, trust only a professional hair salon. If your child is fairly laid back about the process, you can pretty much take him to the hair salon you trust. The stylists should know how to cut a child’s hair just as well as an adult’s – something that we do very well!

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